What we offer

Get income on your home

We at CDS Rental Property have a selection of new or recently renovated properties in the Costa del Sol.

Property management

If you wish to include your property in our portfolio, please contact us so that we can inform you about our system regardless of whether you are looking for short-term or long-term rental.  

Your property will always be available for your own personal use in the absence of confirmed reservations or during the periods you have set aside for your own use.

Lean back and enjoy your well-deserved income. We will manage the rest.

For international house owners

For information about tax on rental income, check your local tax schemes in your own country.

We would love to have a chat with you

1. You're interested

Send us a non-binding request and we will get back to you.

2. Acceptance

When both parties have an agreement, and the formalities are in order.

3. Cash in

We’re in business! We take care of the practicalities, so you don’t have to.

Our Services


Meet & Greet

We meet every customer for check-in and check-out. We are available to the customer during the stay to ensure that everything is in order. This is also an extra security for you as the homeowner, as we will be able to turn down guests that could potentially harm your home.

Before Rental

CDSRP offer complete maintenance service for your property prior to any rental and also in between rental. Any and all services include electrician, plumbing, carpentry, interior and other services.


Our team will perform inspections twice a month where we check locks and windows, toilets and sinks, humidity, air conditioning system and other necessities. In case of storm or heavy rain, we will take an extra look.

Judicial Service

We offer complete process of property law from transfers to consultations. Our lawyer Ana Maria Rodriguez have over 20 years of experience, guaranteeing all requirements.

Financial Service

We provide financial consultancy for property loan and other inquiries regarding financial information for estate and/or property management.

Video, Photos & Drone

We take photos and make video for your property such it is desired by our customers during vacation rentals. CDSRP team focus on presenting your property to the highest standard.


We promote your holiday home on the most important portals, such as: Airbinb, Instagram and Facebook. We can also offer targeted marketing on homeowner’s request.

Our Services


Snag List

It is often that the small tasks and leftovers become time-consuming work. CDSRP offer full-fledged maintenance work to complete all and every action items in your snag list. Time is money, CDSRP fix.


CDSRP offers electrician services for maintenance and long-term health. If you have pre-existing issues and would like us to solve it, we are readily available to help you to resolve those issues.


CDSRP offer complete plumbing services, whether due to tear, leak and unforeseeable clogging. We are readily available for any maintenance issue.

Cleaning & Maintenance

We use professional cleaning company so that both homeowner and guests can have a clean and cared for home


Got a new home that need decoration? Contact us, and we’ll hook you up with awesome Interior Designers.

Pool & Gardenry

CDSRP offer maintenance and repairs for any and all swimming pools. With gardenry we believe nature should look dapper!